Kickstart your no-code career

Join my online 1on1 Webflow Workshop and master no-code skills.

Hi, my name is Maciej Kociela

I'm freelance designer and Webflow Expert. I create templates for Webflow and teach how to use this awesome tool.

How my workshops look

If you don't understand something, I will help you

Would you like to learn something, you don't understand something in Webflow. That's okay, we will solve it.

I will check what you can do, I try to show you you can do it better

I will try to find your paths and make them more professional. I will show you a lot of tips and tricks and we will make your Webflow development PRO.

I will show you also other tools like Figma, we will talk about getting clients etc.

If you want I can also show you how to use Figma better and we can talk about business aspect of web design freelancing.

How much does it cost?

I would like to teach you 1on1 for 50$/hour. If you would like to check if it's something for you, you can sign for one free lesson.

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